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chopping onions

A Good news for vegetarians!

Date: the 19th July, 2017 Written by Moe

Today, we prepared a special course for our vegan guest. For her, we created 6 new recipes only using vegetables.

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The growth of our studio

Date: the 19th July, 2017 Written by Chikako

Just as you get surprised how fast children grow, in this season in Japan I often get amazed how fast rice plants grow.

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opening days

Opening Days

Date: the 1st May, 2017 Written by Moe

After having an enjoyable opening period for our cooking studio we finally managed to sit down and update our blog ! Sorry for our long absence.

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limited space

Making use of a limited space

Date: the 30th April, 2017 Written by Junichi

Look at all the kitchenwares being hanged on the white plaster wall (Japanese traditional plaster, Shiikui) !!

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Rolled up seaweed with herring/salmon
(Kobu maki:昆布巻き)
Simmered black soy beans
(Kuro Mame:黒豆)

Date: the 28th Jan, 2017 Written by Moe

The word 'Kobu' (seaweed) conncets 'Yorokobu' (happiness) in Japanese, so that New Year brings joy to us.

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Caramelised Small Sardines

Date: the 8th Jan, 2017 Written by Moe

Roast them first, then caramelise with Soy sauce and rice sherry.

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Japanese Traditional New Year's Banquet
(Osechi Ryori:お節料理)

Date: the 1st Jan, 2017 Written by M, J & C

A Happy New Year ! ! A Happy New Born ! !
Today is a birthday of KANAZAWA Salon.

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