Date: the 28th Jan, 2017 Written by Moe

3. Kobumaki (Rolled up seaweed with herring/salmon) &
Kuro Mame (Simmered black soy beans)

kobumaki & kuromame

Rolled up seaweed with herring/salmon (on the left side)

The word 'Kobu'(seaweed) conncets 'Yorokobu' (happiness) in Japanese, so that New Year brings joy to us.
Reconstitute seaweed in water and roll up with herrings/
salmon in centre. Stew them in sugar, soy sauce and dashi sauce.

Simmered black soy beans (on the right side)

Reconstitute beans in water overnight and simmer them with sugar and soy sauce.
Japanese word "Mame" has 2 meanings "bean" and "health".
That's why Kuromame symbolise good health and good work.