Japanese Traditional New Year's Banquet

Date: the 1st Jan, 2017 Written by M, J & C

A Happy New Year ! ! A Happy New Born ! !

Today is a birthday of KANAZAWA Salon.

Moe, Jun and Chi, we all truly care for our new born baby.

We hope her to grow to Ms Healthy-body Healthy-mind.

New Year is the biggest celebration in Japan, on which occasion we throughly enjoy traditional Japanese cusine Osechi.

Therefore we will introduce an item of Osechi from time to time (at the end of blog).

Watch out our blog if you want to learn about the hidden wisdom of Osechi Ryouri.

We wish you a vey Happy Healthy 2017.

Let us introduce ourselves.

Moe: Manager

Graduated from a high school in NZ, studied at Sophia University, then worked in the law office in Tokyo for six years.

Kanazawa City is so rich in history, culture, art, etc., and especially FOOD that my visit in 2014 unexpectedly changed my life. My heart (stomach) was grabbed by a delicacy of local food ! !

I settled in Kanazawa to study about healthy Japanese cooking.

I wish to share with you what I have learned.

Moe's elaborated Osechi

moe's elaborated osechi

osechi dish name

Jun: Marketing Director

a 33 years old man, graduated from Lincoln University in NZ, then studied Environment at Kyoto Univeristy, And for some not easily explained reason but good one, I am now a marketing director of KANAZAWA Salon dealing with food industry.

The photo on the right is a Osechi Ryouri prepared by my 83 years old grandmother.

Thanks to her, we could celebrate the start of 2017 in our traditional way with all family together.

Jun's family Osechi

jun family's osechi

Every region has an original Osechi Ryouri influenced by its environment and historical background. Even within the region, it slightly differs depending on each family.

Hoshi Matsuri

hoshi matsuri

To pray for each family member's good health and prosperity, we set up a decoration called "Hoshi Matsuri". Clockwise it represents my Grandpa, Grandma, Father, Mother, Myself, Wife, Sister and Brother. As I am so accustomed to this family new year tradition since my childhood that I was amazed to find out not many other families practice it.

Chi: Instructor

Life is always beyond my imagination !  !

67 years old woman, retired peacefully in a village in the vinicity of Kanazawa City, somehow ended up working again as a cooking instructor to support Moe and Jun.

I hope my experience living in England and New Zealand will be useful for Kanazawa Salon.

1. Kazunoko (Salted Herring Roe)


Salted Herring Roe
To remove salt, soak them in clean water overnight, then soak them in Dashi overnight again.
It symbolises the prosperity of decendents due to numerous number of eggs.